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Welcome To Z Realty Group Professional Home Management. We work very hard to provide the highest quality resident services you'll ever experience. Commercial rental real estate is more heavily regulated than residential real estate, and these regulations can differ not only from country to country and state by state but also by county and city.


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Questions & answers

How should I prepare my house for sale?

Preparing your house for sale is a multistep process. The first thing to do is to de-personalize and de-clutter your home as much as possible, then assess what repairs need to be done, work out a budget for improvements (not too large), and make sure that both the interior and exterior are in good shape.

How/who comes up with the selling price?

The list price is a figure that the seller and their listing agent agree on based on the prices of comparable recently sold properties in the same area, the current inventory, prevailing market trends, and several other property and area-specific factors.

Is the price negotiable?

The list price of a home is always negotiable. Before you jump into the negotiation process, however, you should do your research first – of the local market, the seller’s particular circumstances, and so on. A good real estate agent will accomplish this and more for you.

What is the purchase process?

Assuming you’ve already gotten your finances ready, figured out how much you can afford, chosen an agent and gotten pre-approved for a loan, the next steps in the typical home purchase process will be: making a purchase offer and having a contract executed, reviewing disclosure documents, getting an appraisal and inspections done, getting a full loan approval from your lender, doing a final walk-through, reviewing the closing statement, and then going through the actual closing.

Housing loan

Apply for home loan, calculate your loan or request an offer. Loan negotiations are easy from your home.