1.) Mortgage rates --> heading up towards 4%

2.) Increase in rent in 2022 to catch up w/ housing prices - more families, individuals, couples, etc moving into more apartments and into cities

3.) New listings - more new builds and some inventory will come back (slightly)

4.) Relocation - continuation of the great migration to the southeast and southwest including Texas and some minor relocation to some sunbelt / midwest states that have generally lower living expenses, but still a high supply and demand of their workforce (Indianapolis, Harrisburg, PA, and others similar).

5.) Condo demand expected to take off as Americans continue to prefer more condensed living and less responsibility such as lawn care.

6.) City growth - America is moving to city life. City and more suburb life for sure. Millennials and Gen Z'ers like myself want to be a part of the action. They want to be where the social media is happening. Cities do create FOMO (fear of missing out) for many people. The volume of renters in cities will exponentially increase for the foreseeable future.

Everyone is capable of earning more money in real estate this year, regardless if you're a realtor or not. I am not a realtor by any means, but I'll still earn six figures in real estate this year. Maybe you could as well with a purchase or a sale! Whatever floats your boat.